Monday, August 5, 2013

The American

American Football Coach Ted Lasso Hired to Manage TOT’NUM

What would happen if an American football coach was hired to coach a Premier League soccer team? It’s a good bet their learning curve would be pretty steep (and they may misinterpret the word ‘wanker’ as a term of respect and endearment.)

The sketch -- made to promote the Premier League on NBC Sports -- stars Jason Sudekis as American football coach Ted Lasso hired to manage Tottenham, or TOT’ NUM. There he learns that besides the name, American football and the kind played everywhere else have very little in common. Tackling, scoring, offsides, you can pass forwards AND backwards, that the ball goes under the crossbar, not over it.

But whether they’re called Manchester United  or the Dallas Cowboys, both games always have a super rich team people either love or hate.

Now, will somebody *please* explain offsides to us Americans??

                                                                       -Nick Hatcher