Monday, July 29, 2013

Should Spurs sell Gareth Bale?

They should take the money and run, in my opinion

No-one is bigger than the team

Ok, people who know the Geezer will tell you I’m not a huge Spurs fan, not even a little bit of one in all honesty. And as much as I’d love them to sell their best player to make them worse, I also think it makes sense.

Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo would be amazing for Real Madrid, and in that weak Spanish league they would probably both score 40+ a season. It’s not the best test of Bale’s talents, but he would get to compete in the Champions League every year, for the La Liga title, and not have to go to places like Stoke and Hull and get kicked every week. (They have dirty players in Spain too, but everything seems more glamorous than working class English towns!).

And for Spurs, take the $150 million or whatever stupid money is being offered. Rebuild the stadium, and most importantly, the team. Other clubs will no doubt overcharge you knowing how much money you have, but get in a handful of top quality players for $25 million each. Get a proper striker or two, a creative midfielder and a centre-back.

Football all over the world needs to remember (especially the players), that no one player is bigger than the club. I’m looking at Rooney, Falcao, Ibrahimovich, even Ronaldo at Manchester United. As fans we never think they’ll be replaced, but they always are. Different stars emerge, and we move on – and it gives us another player to shout at when they come back and score against our teams!