Monday, July 29, 2013

UPDATE: The American

US wins first Gold Cup final since 2007

Match with Panama was repeat of 2005 final (which the US won on penalties)

(Just a small Update, but The American almost got it right - but then, who else was he going to pick?!)

Brek Shea scored just 42 seconds after coming into the final as a substitute, and his goal in the 69th minute gave the US a 1-0 victory over Panama in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final. It is the fifth Gold Cup title for the U.S., but it's first since 2007. The victory also extended the Americans' winning streak to a record 11 games, four more than their previous best.

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Is there any team in the world as good as the Americans right now??

I didn't have access to a television on Wednesday night and wasn't able to watch the US-Honduras game, so I had to rely on Twitter updates. Soon after the game started, tweets started scrolling across my screen saying things like Eddie Johnson makes it 1-0!!! 

A few minutes later: Donovan scores!, US up 2-0!!!

I emailed the Geezers and wrote what any red-blooded American would say: U-S-A! U-S-A!

With the Stars and Stripes' 3-1 semifinal win over Honduras, coupled with a loss by arch-rival Mexico, the US is in prime position to capture the CONCACAF Gold Cup, its first since 2007.

This begs the question: Is there any team in the world as good as the Jurgen Klinsmann's team right now??

Okay, come back. That is not a serious question. Yes, of course there are; better in fact. But that's what happens when you rip off a team-record 10-straight wins while channeling our nation's government by imposing their will on other countries; confidence gets high, so Americans get cocky.

And I know all this because 1) I'm an American and we get excited when we win anything. And 2) I read it somewhere. ESPN maybe?

Now, nobody is suggesting the Americans would go right out and play at this high a level against Brazil or Spain. However, it's fun to get excited about your national team and dream a little bit bigger.

On Sunday, the US will take on Panama--a rematch of the 2005 Gold Cup final. I know a little about soccer and even less about Panama the country. Therefore, any prediction presented herein is completely biased by my own national pride.

But screw it. US wins it 3-1. U-S-A! U-S-A!

                                                                                  - Nick Hatcher