Monday, September 30, 2013

Lukaku the loan ranger - should it be allowed?

Romelu Lukaku is a beast. He's 6'3, could push Usain Bolt over 50 yards and has already been top scorer in Belgium. And he's 20.

There's no doubt he's already a top player, but has the potential to become one of the best. It's probable he'll score 15+ again in the Premier League this year and head off to Brazil with Belgium next summer.

All of that was just to prove that the next comment is not personal, as I think he's a great talent that we should all see.

But he shouldn't be allowed to be on loan at Everton, or at West Brom last season.

It's just not fair on the other teams. I doubt Crystal Palace, Hull or even Norwich could afford his wages - and he wouldn't go there anyway as they are unlikely to compete for anything except the right to stay in the League.

He scored the winner against West Ham, has 2 already against Newcastle and is going to be one of the toughest opponents any team faces this year. Playing against Everton without him is a much easier task. Chelsea may have lost at Goodison anyway, but he couldn't play against his parent club (although no one knows why they loaned him out anyway).

Lukaku is not alone. In my opinion, a loan should be to cover injuries or to help someone get fitness.

Teams have a limit on numbers in the squad, yet the bigger teams are just accumulating all the best players. Players like Lukaku should be sold (or not bought in the first place) if they aren't going to be in the 25. It stems the growth of players in the academies, gives an unfair advantage to some teams and encourages teams to stockpile talent.

Preventing players like Lukaku going on loan would make him (and his agent/advisor etc.) think twice about signing with a team like Chelsea. This would spread the talent around more and make leagues more competitive. Otherwise, what's to stop a multi-billionaire buying everyone and then not letting them play against his team - therefore making Billionaire United play against Crystal Palace reserves?

That's obviously a hypothetical, but think about it. It's nothing against the players, but the system should be looked at.