Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Who doesn't miss Robbie Fowler's goals? Brummies maybe

There's something about Robbie Fowler that makes you want to have a beer with him. I can see why Liverpool put their team together in the 90s - they seemed like a team that could have a good time (even without success on the pitch). Apart from Jamie Redknapp, I'd have a beer with any of that team.

And with Round 3 of the League Cup in England today, why not show this goal from the 2001 final? It's not that I can't remember who won it last year (it was Swansea), I just can't remember any memorable goals over the last 10+ years in this competition.

So here's Robbie, another goal against a team from Birmingham - only Arsenal got more punishment than Villa and Brum, although Fulham and United took some punishment. I don't know, he seemed to score against everyone!