Monday, September 30, 2013

Who saw that coming? Apart from Fergie

Bit of a strange one this weekend - it felt like 1989. Manchester United and City both lost, Arsenal are top and Liverpool second.

Some unexpected results in the Premier League, but United's struggles are not that shocking. It's a largely aging first team, there are a lack of creative players and they find it hard to score if Rooney or van Persie are out or off form. 

Fergie saw it coming. Giggs and Scholes are done, Rio is almost done, Young, Valencia and Nani aren't up to that level. Fellani was a panic buy and Moyes seems a bit overwhelmed. They may have an average year, but United will spend, and be back soon. 

City's loss was more of a surprise. They need to find some consistency. 

West Ham, Palace and Sunderland will find it hard going. They can't score goals, and that makes winning very hard. The saving grace for the teams below 7th or 8th is that they are all pretty average. Teams will take points off each other all year, so there are no lock in favorites for relegation....yet. 


Atletico won the Madrid derby to stay perfect. A big surprise? Yes, but no. Bale, Ronaldo etc. are still working it out. I'm glad they lost as it shows that it's still a team game and buying the best players doesn't make you a team straight away. Real will still be very strong this year and don't be too surprised if the Champions League is their number 1 priority.


Juventus won the Turin derby on an offside goal by Paul Pogba. I bet Manchester United wish they still had him. Serie A is shaping up to be as competitive as the English Premier League this year. Atletico are trying in Spain, but hopefully this year will keep us guessing the whole way.