Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rooney and Robin are still no Ronnie Rosenthal

Manchester United for 4-2 yesterday in the Champions League, but apart from some dubious refereeing decisions and some shambolic goalkeeping, there were a couple of awful misses.

Wayne 'Mr. Loyalty' Rooney scored his 200th goal for United, but also managed to do a Torres, rounding the keeper and somehow missing the target from a few yards. Was he shooting or passing? Who cares, he earns a  fortune and can't pass it into an empty net from 4 yards? Maybe the Robocop headband blinded him.

Then there's Robin van Persie. Don't tell me it was an amazing volley to put them 2-1 up. Good technique, but the goalie was scared of the ball. You're the keeper. Use you hands, don't push the ball into the net. Chocolate wrists? No, just shit goalkeeping.

And that's before I mention van Persie's miss. It came at him fast is the excuse. He was 3 yards out with an open goal and it came off his heel. Imagine either one of these chances would have had an impact on the game. Imagine Wayne was playing for his country - all grannys would refuse to sleep with him, and the nation would have petitioned for his wife to be banned from Primark, forever.

But every miss from that close always reminds me of Ronnie Rosenthal - not sure why, it's just a classic miss.