Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pelotas' look ahead to Wednesday tilts

Tio Pelotas provides a small glimpse of what's to come on a fun FIFA friendly day

So it's friendly-match day. Some of us don't care because they're just that---friendlies--while others do because it's more football in the middle of August. With summer winding down here in the States, school about to start and, oh yeah, World Cup qualifiers, major European campaigns and MLS playoffs nearing, let's look at some of the matches on tap for tomorrow:

South Korea-Peru (5am) - South Korea went to the World Cup semifinals in 2002; Peru went to the World Cup in 1982. This has 0-0 written all over it.

Chile-Iraq (noon) - Iraq is rebuilding and will face the wrath of Chile's attack. Chile reportedly will play Iran in its next friendly. No word or confirmation if North Korea is on tap as well.

Colombia-Serbia (2pm) - Radamel Falcao is rich, good-looking, scored on his Ligue 1 debut over the weekend, just became a dad and his side is close to a World Cup ticket, its first in more than 15 years. Now he's the most interesting man in the world.

Bosnia-USA (2:30pm) - Clint Dempsey is big news in the US but won't be in Bosnia for this friendly. No problem. Maybe. OK, crap, 'merica may be in trouble. Bosnia is a scary side, ranked 13th in the world, has a goal differential of plus-20 in their qualifying group after six matches without a defeat. 

Italy-Argentina (2:45pm) - So who does avid footy fan Pope Francis root for in this one? (I know, I know, the whole world used that one today.)

Switzerland-Brazil (2:45pm) - Neymar avoided a press conference, just hours ahead of the match, leaving the band of journalists fuming. But poor Neymar was still reeling after being profiled at a local boutique when told a handbag he wanted to look at was too expensive for him.

England-Scotland (3pm) - For the good of this historic rivalry match, please invite Gazza. Oh, and Wayne Rooney too.

Belgium-France (3pm) - Yes, England is not involved here but between these two sides, there's around 20 Premier League players. 20.

Portugal-Netherlands (3:30pm) - Of course all eyes will be on Ronaldo and Robin van Persie but the true supporters will be on the lookout to see whose gonads Pepe will stomp on.

Ecuador-Spain (4pm) - Both sides will honor the late Christian Benitez, who died last month at 27. The match will take place in Guayaquil, Ecuador, home of Barcelona SC, 6000 miles away from the Nou Camp, home of FC Barcelona.

Mexico-Ivory Coast (9pm) - No Chicharito but we do have Drogba, Gervinho, Salomon Kalou and Yaya Toure here in Giants Stadium (not calling it MetLife) in the beautiful outskirts of northern New Jersey. Mexico manager Chepo de la Torre will be seeking out help from state troopers if results don't go his way because you can bet there will be a sea of angry Mexican supporters.