Friday, August 16, 2013

Robbie Earle, Kebabs and a Geezer

Gus Johnson makes Mark Lawrenson sound like a genius

NBC coverage of soccerball could be a disaster

Augustus Cornelius "Gus" Johnson, Jr. hasn't endeared himself to football fans, although part of it may be that he's working with Ian Wright. Analysis, a very loose term, is given by Warren Barton and Brian McBride (of  Blue Steel fame). 

But Fox Soccer is not covering the Premier League this season. Starting tomorrow, it's down to NBC to unleash it's own expert analysis. I'm interested to hear what Graeme Le Saux has to say, but not so much Lee Dixon.

Gary Lineker will be contributing, but I'm most looking forward to hearing Robbie Earle. Having bumped into him outside a nightclub, he could barely stand and looked like he needed help. A quick beer and a kebab with the Geezer and he was all good. Let's hope he brings the same dedication to commentating as he did to drinking.