Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hard to look past Bayern in the Bundesliga

If it's possible, Bayern look even stronger this year

European champs set to dominate their domestic league again.

It’s impossible to look past Bayern Munich. Pep has taken over as manager, they signed their only domestic challenger’s star player, and they won it all last season. 

By adding Mario Gotze (from Borussia Dortmund) and Thiago Alcantara (from Barcelona), they added two quality young midfielders to strengthen a team that really didn’t have many areas to improve. By binning off Mario Gomez to Fiorentina, they are going to miss someone to grab 20+ tap-ins a season – pretty sure that Robert Lewandowski will get that task next summer (once Bayern again buy Dortmund’s best player).

At the risk of being controversial (!), German football is looking quite weak. Yes, the Champions League final was between two Bundesliga teams last season, Bayern were amazing (especially when they schooled Barcelona) and Dortmund have some fantastic young players and also made a couple of good signings. But who else is there?

Bayer Leverkeusen and Dortmund both finished over 25 points behind Bayern last season. Schalke 04 got the 4th Champions League place, yet they only had just over half the points that Bayern did. It’s hard to see how anyone below that could even figure in title contention. 

The German and European champions only lost 1 game last season, and even though they will probably not be as good this year, get your money on them to win it again (not that I suggest/endorse any type of gambling – I don’t waste drinking money).