Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Great timing for England v Scotland

If Andy Murray wins he's British, if he loses, he's Scottish. There is no doubt who the Wimbledon champion will be supporting tonight. It's England v Scotland at Wembley - the 111th meeting of the teams, but the first for 14 years.

It's a great time for the game, just 3 days before the Premier League season starts - the Scottish league started with Celtic being awarded the title by default.

It's the oldest international football match, and was played every year from 1872-1989 (as long as you don't mention the wars!).

Scotland aren't much of a team at the moment, and England are rarely much of a team come tournament time. However, the hosts are pretty good in friendlies, and will hope to benefit from some quality goalkeeping as seen in the Under-21s game last night.