Friday, August 23, 2013

Are we just waiting for the big Monday night game?

The weekend preview is here

Looking at the Premier League fixtures this weekend, I can't say I'll be desperate to tune in to Match of the Day on Saturday night (early afternoon in the US). Stoke v Palace, Hull v Norwich and Southampton v Sunderland aren't ones that really get you excited.

But no one can argue that this week at work went quicker with football back in out lives. An interesting opening weekend, some Champions League qualifiers and Europa League thumpings mean goals, saves and plenty of horrible refereeing.

Manchester United v Chelsea on Monday should be pretty lively, but we'll get to that next week. Liverpool against Villa should be good as both looked decent in their first games (with Villa seeming to have a very tough opening 3 games).

Arsenal fans want to see a few signings before the Fulham game, but Arsene Wenger knows he'll be in big trouble if they lose again.


My weekend game to look out for in Europe is Malaga v Barcelona. With Messi out, I'd like to see if Neymar gets the start after his goal midweek. It's also the first weekend of Serie A - check out our preview here. Some French football Friday night with Monaco and Falcao in action.

In fact, it's all set up nicely, just wish it was on every day.