Monday, August 5, 2013

Pelotas' Pondering: Deuce, MLS got it right

Clint Dempsey comes home to a 'new league'

Now that we've had time to digest the massive Clint Dempsey signing, it's looking more and more like MLS circles, including hardcore and casual supporters, agree that his capture is a historic signing for the young and growing league.

After reading the excellent Sports Illustrated article by the one and only Grant Wahl that detailed the extraordinary events of the last couple of weeks, I have to agree with Wahl and many other footy writers that this has to rank as the top signing in the 18-year journey of MLS.

You see, Dempsey is only 30 years old. He's made his mark with Fulham, flirted with Liverpool and ended up at Tottenham, where it was expected that--prior to signing with Seattle Sounders--he'd see little time with Spurs as they've been tapping the transfer market for additional reinforcements. 'Deuce' had a decent outing in his six years in England but he definitely has a couple of years left for top-flight competition.

But it's interesting to see that Deuce himself sought out a move back home, according to the SI story. That speaks volumes about the league and its stature. Yes, the money had to be right for him but to even consider that an MLS team would shell out cash for a transfer fee was unfathomable just a decade ago. It also helps that he'll be partnering up with his BFF, Eddie Johnson, and barring an epic collapse by the U.S. national team, both Deuce and EJ should be in Brazil next year.

That gives them ample time for chemistry, ideas and, most importantly, continuous playing time. Sure, Jurgen Klinsmann would've probably preferred his captain and one of the top American players the nation has produced somewhere in the vicinities of European football but Deuce was made here in MLS. The league--with all of its questionable officiating, lack of technical abilities in some matches and an occasional and unnecessary intrusion by the league front office (You Suck, A..hole!)--is growing by leaps and bounds in many aspects that many leagues around the world would strive for.

Deuce believes in MLS, MLS believes in Deuce. Now the world should take notice and believe too.

Wonder if Everton and Roma are interested in talking about bringing home some more of our boys.

-Tio Pelotas