Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Poyet causing a stink at Brighton?

Bizarre sacking of Brighton manager

Maybe the 45 year-old Uruguayan was caught short

I was deep in conversation with my west coast Geezer Necksy last night when he informed me of perhaps the most bizarre sacking of a football manager I can recall.
I have to admit that the research and google searches were not easy to type and the browsing history had to be deleted a few times before I was comfortable.
Gus Poyet was sacked by Brighton & Hove Albion back in June, along with his assistant manager and first team coach. He also found out about it live while working as a pundit for the BBC during Spain vs Nigeria in the Confederations Cup.
He said at the time ‘It’s a great story for the BBC. I’m probably the first for this to happen to on live TV.’
Although his departure was initially linked to the ex-Chelsea and Tottenham player’s desire to move on and coach a bigger club, rumors are now surfacing that Poyet did, or asked one of his staff, to take a dump on the away team’s dressing room floor. During the alleged incident (not literally during Poyet squatting there), Brighton lost to Crystal Palace in the Championship playoffs, missed out on the Premier League and Poyet and his staff never returned to Brighton, with a smear placed on his record (sorry).
I have no idea if these rumors are true, and what would motivate a grown man to lay a cable on the floor. It's not like Ian Holloway (the Palace manager) would have been intimidated - he's batsh*t crazy anyway. 
Sh*t happens, but here’s the question – does it get worse than dropping anchor in the other team’s changing room, then getting fired live on TV as a consequence? I’m sure it does, but would love to hear those stories - i just wouldn't want to search the internet for them.