Thursday, August 15, 2013

A level playing field now Fergie has gone?

The Premier League may be more interesting this year

Still 3 divisions within a division, but balance of power may shift again

Where to start?

Will David Moyes fail? Can he succeed after Fergie? Sell Rooney, sign Ibrahimovic - that's my solution. He's got to win something or the tabloids will label him a failure - and I think he'll be a failure!

Manchester City have made the big signings - Navas, Negrado, Jovetic and Fernandinho should all start, although with Aguero and Dzeko, Pellegrini will struggle to get the right rotation, much as Mancini did.

Chelsea have 47 midfielders, so Lampard to the LA Galaxy rumors will start as soon as he misses a match. Mourinho will no doubt spice things up a bit, but the league needs that after how boring it was last year.

Can Arsenal be relevant even if Arsene doesn't spend? He got rid of Gervinho and Andre Santos, so they at least can't be worse than last year.

And then there's Spurs. Fifth again no doubt, maybe lower if they sell Bale. I'd like to see them break the top 4, and they are much closer than Liverpool or Everton.

Middle table teams will be the same - Newcastle, West Ham, Stoke (although hoping Mark Hughes messes it all up again and takes them down).

Not sure why, but I think Fulham could struggle this year. If Berbatov is off, they may not have enough, and there is always one strange one. It could be Sunderland as no-one (not even the manager) knows who they are signing - could be great, but who knows? Hull and Crystal Palace will go down, but Cardiff should really challenge Swansea for a place in the top half.

Whoever I missed out - Norwich, West Brom, Aston Villa, Southampton, should be fine and probably fit in that tier with Newcastle and West Ham. One of these will struggle and be involved in the relegation battle - probably Southampton or West Brom (especially with no Lukaku).

I can't wait for it to start - especially as it actually may be interesting this year now that Fergie can't bully referees into a couple of extra minutes, a dubious penalty or a harsh red card.