Thursday, October 3, 2013

Should Defoe be starting? Somewhere, anywhere

Jermain Defoe loves scoring goals apparently. That's what the media always says. But show me a striker, or any footballer, that doesn't.

I've come to conclude that all he can do is score goals, which is fine, but it's not going to get him a start. He's scored goals for West Ham, Spurs, Portsmouth, England and now Spurs again, but can never really say he's been the number 1 guy anywhere apart from Portsmouth (don't tell Crouchy).

Is it because he's selfish (as a player, not just for handing in a transfer request while still in the dressing room after West ham were relegated in 2003)? Is it because he's too small? He can't pass? Doesn't link the play? Can't lead the line? Has too many 'celebrity' girlfriends?

Whatever it is, he can't blame the manager as no one, apart from maybe Harry Redknapp, has ever really trusted him to be the main man.

He's a goalscorer. Every team wants one, but Spurs can't seem to get him enough time on the pitch. But when he does play, he tends to score, or at least find himself (not by chance) in a position to score. He doesn't just make a 3-0 into a 4-0, he can get you an equalizer or a winner when you need it.

And here's where I question the ambition. At some point you have to play. He went to Portsmouth and played. He came back to Spurs and played a bit, but he turns 31 next week and averages about 28 games a season (half of which I would guess are substitute appearances) over a 14 year career.

A wasted talent in my opinion. Maybe he didn't do enough to develop his game, or didn't get the play in a team that was built for him. It's not hard to dislike him, and I have a feeling he may look back and dislike himself, as he could have been so much more.