Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Juve in need of points; Moyes under pressure

Real Madrid against Juventus. It doesn't get much bigger than that. Throw in Carlo Ancelotti and Antonio Conte, Cristiano and Andrea Pirlo, and we should have a fantastic game.

Juventus have drawn their first two games, while Real have scored 10 in their two victories. There is a lot of history between these giants of the game, with so many stars of the game having represented one or both - with one of my all-time favorites Zinedine Zidane coming to mind.

Conte was captain of Juve when Ancelotti was the coach there, and won't want to lose to to his mentor. But more than that, he knows that should Juve fail to pick up at least one win against Real in their two games, they face the reality of not progressing from a group that looks relatively straight-forward on paper.

Then there's David Moyes. He's already getting loads of abuse from the media, and some fans are turning on him a little already. United have a tough game at home against Real Sociedad, and if they fail to win, you know they'll be people calling for him to go. He needs time, but he also needs his players to step up.

Rooney and van Persie are his best two players, but they need to get some service. Fellaini is average at best. He's never worth the money that Moyes paid for him and really looks out of his depth. Is it time for Kagawa? I doubt it - the Scotsman just doesn't seem to rate him. I hope they lose, just so United fans can experience the turmoil of change. Moyes needs time, and I am pretty sure he'll get it, but chairmen and fans have short memories, especially with the money associated with the Champions League.