Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bayern to retain the Champions League

There's still half an hour left in Wednesday night's Champions League group games, but Bayern Munich are going to retain the trophy. Yes, it's round 2 of the group games, I know that.

They'll play PSG or Barcelona in the final in case you want to bet on it.

Of course I am only partly a psychic, but just watch how they play and take notes. Bayern are the Barcelona of a few years ago, but combine the pace and power with a real clinical edge.

Bringing in Pep Guardiola as manager hasn't changed much. he installs confidence, encourages creativity and knows how to win. They are a pleasure to watch and have absolutely beasted Manchester City so far today. City spent a lot of money, brought in a great coach and have a fantastic squad on paper - but they are nowhere near Bayern.

Barcelona, Manchester United PSG and Juventus are the champions of their domestic leagues, but none of them can claim to be at the same level as Bayern. This may not be the case in May, but I'm judging now as we all know the media only lives in the moment!

Tonight was a lesson on how to play the game. City could learn a lot from watching Bayern (as they spent most of the second half doing). They are a pleasure to watch, and I can't wait to see them retain their title in Lisbon on May 24, 2014.