Monday, October 28, 2013

Perspective from the Geezer; Torres Back? Or Lucky?

Torres is back, we all knew he had to break his drought. Form is temporary, class is permanent, etc. etc.

Give it a rest. While she may not have been able to get there, my grandmother would have scored that 90th minute goal. He anticipated the mistake, finished nicely, but it doesn't put him back on form. You can say he set up the first goal, but counter that with the sitter that he missed.

But I'm happy for him, and hope he gets a run in the team and starts to rediscover his best - but the media really needs to tone it down. I should call the blog the Perspective Geezer.

As for Joe Hart, get used to some splinters from the bench. A few too many mistakes recently, and even if this one wasn't really down to you, your defenders are nervous around you right now.


Manchester United won a game and sit 2 points behind City and 8 off the top. Crisis over? No, there was never one in the first place. There was a huge overreaction from the United players, fans and David Moyes after their 3-2 comeback win over Stoke. Yes, the same Stoke that had scored 4 goals in 8 games prior to Saturday.


We should be talking about Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. They all stepped up over the weekend to win games that have troubled them over the past few seasons. Arsenal took care of Crystal Palace, when maybe last year Arteta's (harsh) sending off would have seen them crumble. Liverpool scored some top quality goals and have two strikers that are really on top form. They are enjoyable to watch, can't defend, but can score easily - they may be a little short in the title run, but the foundations are there. And then there's Chelsea. Mourinho is a nutcase, but plays his role really well. He jumped into the crowd, celebrated like a real fan and gets the juices flowing. He's the pantomime villain, and loves it. And it's great, how can you not like him, or hate him - and both work.


Sunderland won, but will still struggle. Palace have lost 8 of 9 (only beating Sunderland), and then there's going to be one other in my opinion. There are plenty of candidates, but Norwich, Cardiff and Hull are my picks at the moment, although it's still very early.