Monday, March 10, 2014

'Too much gayness' for Martin Samuel

Sorry for the picture, but wanted to give you a face to go with the name.

Martin Samuel works for the Daily Mail, he's meant to be a football journalist, but some how manages to get his views on anything and everything into the paper. He's meant to be anyalyzing what the FA might do should a player come out, and how they would hypothetically mess it up. I am confused as to the point of the article, but it's the quote that threw me.

Here are his words (and the link), I'm still trying to work out the response...

The straight establishment wants a pet gay project only for their benefit. They want the unique selling point of football’s first gay icon to be marketed and exploited to the full. 

If 30 footballers came out as gay as one in a massive show of communal pride, it would be a disaster. 

Too much gayness. A flooded market. What are we going to do with all these queens? It is the lone gay that is sought, the saleable gay, the memorable face of the gay game and, by definition, of our marvellous, tolerant football community, too. It’s still all about us really. That and the money.

-Martin Samuel

I don't enjoy reading what this guy has to say on football, and have no idea how his editors allow him write about anything else. I'm lost for words.