Monday, March 31, 2014

Slick U.S. soccer announces coaching changes on Sunday afternoon

Martin Vasquez reassigned, Tab Ramos tapped to staff

Legend Berti Vogts named as special advisor

Tab Ramos, who was serving as under-20 manager for the U.S. national team, was promoted to Jurgen Klinsmann's staff with the senior national team, while longtime Klinsy protogee was reassigned within the federation pyramid, the U.S. Soccer federation announced late Sunday afternoon.

Also appointed as special advisor to Klinsmann's staff was the legendary Berti Vogts, who will be tasked with developing training plans and scouting. Vogts managed Klinsmann when the Germans lifted the European championship in 1996.

It's a massive move with only a few months ahead of the World Cup--and also a puzzling one--as the news made minor tremors within the U.S. soccer scene since the announcement took place on a Sunday with a full slate of matches stretching from South America to Mexico and MLS.

Any other country would have exploded with speculations, harsh commentaries and confusion but the U.S. soccer journalism bubble should and will have more in-depth analysis as the news is assimilated.

-Tio Pelotas