Thursday, March 6, 2014

A breakdown of what QPR were paying players

You may have seen that QPR paid 78 million pounds in wages last year, which was more than Borussia Dortmund - but let that sink in for a minute.... that's well over $100 million dollars, and by well over, I actually mean $130 million.

Think about that for a second. I'll do this in pounds, but it's more than half again if you want the dollar conversion (1=1.65, but this isn't a maths or currency website!).

Let's say there is a squad of 30 players (most of who were very average players at QPR last year) each earning an average of 50,000 pounds a week.

That's 50,000 x 30 players x 52 weeks of the year.

That totals 78 million pounds.

Are you kidding me?

Not one of those players was worth 50,000 pounds a week - $80,000 a week is more than what the majority of MLS players earn in a year. And most of them couldn't have been worse than Armand Traore, Jose Bosingwa, Bobby Zamora or Stephane Mbia.

Looking at that whole squad from 2012/13, maybe Loic Remy and Julio Cesar (possibly Chris Samba) could expect more than 50,000 a week, but none of the others could. And the fact is QPR paid 30 players an AVERAGE of 50 grand. There are only 25 players on that list too (although I bet they paid for Joey Barton and Djibril Cisse to go on loan).

I am guessing the most a ticket can be at Loftus Road is 50 quid, so if a fan goes to 20 home games (19 league, 1 cup) then that's 1000 pounds from the average punter. A programme, beer and pie maybe, but not much more. Do the maths, or don't. It takes 50 fans a whole season to pay one player's wages for a week. 50 fans a SEASON, for 1 PLAYER for 1 WEEK!

TV and sponsorship may pay almost all the bills these days, but it's no surprise QPR are 177 million pounds in debt.

They won't be the only ones to go broke if this stupidity continues.