Monday, January 27, 2014

The transfer window - time for a change?

David Moyes has added Juan Mata, Chelsea have Mohamed Salah, Newcastle may lose Yohan Cabaye - and all in January when teams are desperate to improve, to challenge for trophies or simply to stay in the top division.

Why can teams only strengthen in January or the summer? Imagine someone in your job said that you can only move jobs at certain periods in the year? It won't wash - especially if you were being frozen out of doing what you wanted to and were forced to sit there and watch other people do it.

It seems to contradict everything that the Bosman ruling established. Free movement when contracts expire, chances to move on, no restriction on trade. This was put in place in 1995, but 20 years on, the transfer window seems to make less sense than ever.

Yes, clubs can get better prices for their players in the window, but you're also held to ransom for someone you don't really want, but may desperately need.

Managers don't get to keep their jobs until January, club physios, GMs, tea boys etc. aren't promised that they will be employed until the New Year and then shipped out because they're not deemed necessary anymore.

I can understand that clubs don't want to deal with agents, fees, unhappy players and speculation all year round, but they should be able to stand up and say no, or yes, whenever they want.

There has to be a better way. Because once January passes, it's back to emergency loans and picking up free agents.