Monday, January 13, 2014

The Ballon d'Or - does it matter?

Congrats to Ronaldo on winning the Ballon d'Or, but does it really matter?

How do you define who is the best player in the world? And isn't this the stuff that we all enjoy discussing in the bar, before a game, or usually when you're bored at work.

Ronaldo, Messi, Ribery, Rory Delap, Micheal Bradley - it all depends who you ask. Although I doubt anyone has ever answered Ribery!

Individual awards are never definitive as it's a team game, but Ronaldo deserves to be praised as one of the best of his generation. He's taken the game to a new level, and comparing him to Messi and (to some extent) Zlatan is always a fun discussion.

It's not a video game, you can like all the best players in the world - the trophy will cement Cristiano's place with the greats, but he didn't need an award for that.