Monday, February 17, 2014

Vergara finally admits Chivas USA failure

Rebranding or sale possible options for L.A.-based club

First, he had to fend off rumors of a sale of his Chivas Guadalajara empire to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

Now it appears Jorge Vergara is fielding inquiries about his failed brainchild, Chivas USA, following a story earlier Monday about patented trademarks being filed for names that could potentially be a new avenue to pursue in remaking the unsuccessful offspring of the Mexican team. The news was first reported by The Goat Parade.

In an interview with ESPN, Vergara admittted to the L.A. based team being a failure and labeled the brand as "being worn out." He added that nothing was concrete regarding a total makeover or if a sale was even being considered but did note that a "deep analysis" is in the works. Finally, Vergara noticed that Chivas USA looked pretty decent in preseason, "something that hasn't happened in eight years," he added.

The Goat Parade pointed out that two trademarks were filed for Los Angeles SC and Los Angeles F.C., two names that would give overall supporters of the league a bit of a relief and empathy that Vergara wants to succeed in a fast-growing league like MLS. Vergara's always been a smart business man and with investors and sponsors lining up for a crack at the U.S. top flight, surely he won't just sell low and cut out.

-Tio Pelotas