Friday, December 13, 2013

Red Bulls get Convey, fans shrug

Skeptical supporters hope MLS vet gets his act together 

With an impressive resume, Bobby Convey, a Philadelphia product, is now entering one of the toughest markets in the league, if not, the world.

Convey, 30, is a former national-team starter with the U.S., a veteran within MLS after being drafted at 17-years-old by D.C. United before moving on to England to play for Reading, then a Championship side prior to promotion to the Premier League. After that, he returned Stateside to bounce from San Jose Earthquakes to Sporting Kansas City to Toronto FC.

New York Red Bulls fans will certainly remember him, however, for his stint with San Jose for it was Convey that netted two goals in the Red Bulls' 3-1 loss in the second leg of their playoff series at Red Bull Arena in 2010.

Plus, there have been unconfirmed grumblings about his attitude within the locker room. Whether or not that's true, it's been kept in-house but appears to have lead to Convey's exit from his previous clubs since returning from Europe.

Convey is a versatile player and has played left back with San Jose but has mostly done his work in the middle of the park and along the wing but some of his crossings with Toronto will have to be worked on if he doesn't want to frustrate Thierry Henry & Co.

His work rate appears to be healthy. He'll get yet another chance within MLS to prove his approach and posture. The Red Bulls camp and manager Mike Petke's regime will be a test for him as the team looks to build depth for MLS and Champions League play. 

Will Convey be ready for the spotlight?