Thursday, November 14, 2013

Geezer of the Day

There will never be another Prince like Francescoli

Enzo Francescoli bleeds the red and white of River Plate, long after his retirement from the game.

When River manager Ramon Diaz was sent off during a derby match against rivals Boca Juniors, Boca supporters taunted him, chanting that he belonged in 'the B,' the division that River descended into about two years ago. Diaz reacted by gesturing it wasn't under his tenure.

That angered Francescoli, who in the subsequent days lashed out at Diaz, saying all River supporters were in the B division during that dark time in River history. "After more than 10 years with the club, I'd rather get relegated with River than be with another first-division club," he said.

The former Uruguayan international was an artist on the pitch and a gentleman off it. He turned 52 on Tuesday.